Role play for survey design

Today we sent an online survey to 125 building companies in Northland and Southland for a BRANZ project regarding construction and demolition waste. Online surveys are a great tool for engaging with industry but need to be well designed to ensure that the required information is captured and the survey respondent’s time is optimised and respected.

We often prepare multiple drafts of survey questions, to make sure they are just right. This includes testing the survey questions with the client, who typically has extensive knowledge of industry terminology and a track record of successful engagement. We also enjoy role playing the survey questions in the office - hey, who doesn’t?! Today Tiff posed as Craig, a builder in Kaikohe. Using this persona, Tiff answered the survey questions one by one and identified any that weren’t clear or that could be interpreted in multiple ways. This helped us tighten up the survey questions, making sure that we (excuse the pun) hit the nail on the head.

Hammer survey.png
Toni Kennerley