1960's architectural glam

Today I returned to Massey University, my alma mater, to talk urban planning research with a group of final-year professional practice students. It was a great experience and inspiring to see the next generation of smart young minds coming through.

Massey has a beautiful campus with lush landscaping, plenty of space, and a variety of buildings of different ages. And boy did this beauty catch my eye. From the outside, the Geography building hasn’t changed a jot since my time on campus in the mid-1990’s. Its symmetrical features and sturdy construction are pleasing, and at times a little challenging, on the eye. The inside however is much different than I recall. Modern, fit for purpose lecture rooms and offices replace the dank lecture halls and rabbit-warren corridors of my day. I look forward to seeing how the Geography building fares over the next 25-years. Everything, in time, comes back in fashion.

IMG_7532 (1).jpg
Toni Kennerley