Waste Not, Want Not: Food Insecurity in Wairarapa

Planalytics is pleased to launch its research report, ‘Waste Not, Want Not: Food Insecurity in Wairarapa’, last week at a gathering of local food security stakeholders. Just in time to coincide with National Volunteer Week 2019! The research was undertaken on behalf of local social services agency Connecting Communities Wairarapa and funded by the Department of Internal Affairs (NZ).

What did we find? Well, like many regions in Aotearoa, food insecurity in Wairarapa is definitely present, and there are indications it is getting worse for some sectors of our community. But, the region has an incredibly passionate, vibrant and active social services and volunteer community committed to addressing the issue. Collaboration and collectivism to share resources, learnings and stories is happening here, and stakeholders have plenty of ideas as to how increasing food security in Wairarapa could happen.

CCW Food Insecurity infographic.jpg
Lucy Cooper