MultiProof for modern construction

This month we have an article in BUILD magazine regarding MBIE’s MultiProof building consent pathway. National multiple-use approval (MultiProof) were introduced in 2010 to fast track the building consent process. A MultiProof establishes that the plans and specifications to which it relates comply with the Building Code. It has a shorter building consent processing timeframe (10 instead of 20 working days).

Good idea? You’d think so. However, uptake of MultiProof has been low. Between February 2010 and December 2018, a total of 146 MultiProofs were issued to 44 companies – mostly for residential building. In this article we explore why uptake may be low and what opportunities exist to increase the use of MultiProof. In the current climate of frustration with the building consent process, MultiProof is an easy win for those building standardised designs.

Toni Kennerley