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We undertake large and small scale research projects on specific topics ranging from housing to worker wellbeing to food security. Our research enables effective analysis and policy development, and informs project design to achieve targeted outcomes. 


We develop monitoring plans (including key indicators) and provide regular monitoring reports to clients. This facilitates understanding of the scale and impact of issues and tracks trends over time to measure the success of policy or project interventions.


We build enduring relationships through meaningful collaboration with project partners. We prioritise the dissemination of research and monitoring outputs to inform project design, process improvements and decision-making across agencies and sectors.


Our research & monitoring informs:


Social Wellbeing

  • Workplace mental health initiatives

  • Programmes of work to improve industry performance

  • Design of community development projects

  • Community development funding applications

  • Policy responses to community and social wellbeing issues

  • Organisation or issue-focused monitoring plans.


Urban Development

  • Housing policy and programmes of work

  • District Plan and Long Term Plan reviews

  • Climate change and resilience policy and programmes

  • Stakeholder engagement plans

  • Project feasibility studies

  • Submissions on national-level consultations

  • Bespoke reporting dashboards.





Planning Barriers for Prefabricated Housing.


Funded from the Building Research Levy.


Research into how prefabricated housing is addressed in district plans across the country.



Social Housing Toolkit.


Local Government New Zealand.


Development of a high-level toolkit for local government to assess and respond to social housing demand.



Waste Not, Want Not: Food Insecurity in Wairarapa


Connecting Communities Wairarapa.


Research into the scale and nature of food insecurity across the Wairarapa region.

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Toni Kennerley

Director & Principal Researcher - Urban Development

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Lucy Cooper

Principal Researcher - Community Development

021 022 11414


Dr Kate Bryson

Principal Researcher - Social Science

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